Testing Basic Interview Questions : How to report a bug in small companies?

How to report a bug in small companies?

Bug is a mismatch between expected result and actual result. Hope as a tester you know regarding expected result and actual result.

As a tester whether you are working in small companies or in top MNC, when you detect the bug you have to report it.

But the pattern for reporting the bug differs from companies to companies like in top MNC’s tester’s always reporting the bug through bug reporting tools.

So various Open Source bug reporting tool available today but popular one is Bugzilla and Mantis, but Mantis is easier and user friendly than Bugzilla.

As people always knows that there are 1-2 testers in small companies so in these companies testers never report the bug through bug reporting tools. Testers just orally talk it to the development team that in this module we catch the bug so fixed it.

And similar thing happens it to the developers squad when they fixed the bug they just call the tester to his and her seat and said that check whether bug is fixed or not.

But you know this is not the appropriate or right way to communicate because we are working in a professional environment so we have to follow little documentation also.

Now the question arises in every people mind that how a tester report the bug in small companies without orally communicate with the developer.

Bug Report Sample - How to report a bug in small companies 

In small companies where testers not working on any bug reporting tool they can report the bug through Microsoft Word and Excel.

Bug Report Example

Considering example you are performing testing on login module and you find the bugs like when you login with xyz name so after login on home page it displayed the name as ABC.

Now you know it is Bug so how to report it through Microsoft word please sees it below.

Bug Report Sample

Summary: Wrong login name is displayed.

Description: Wrong login name is displayed on Home Page.

Steps to Follow or Chase:

1.      Enter the URL Http:// ----------------- in the address bar.
2.      Fill the username field in login form.
3.      Fill the password field in login form.
4.      Click on login button below the form.

Test data: Enter xyz on username field.

Environment: Windows 7, Safari like that.

Actual Result: After login with xyz wrong login name is displayed on home page likes logged in as ABC.

Expected Result: Proper logged in name should be displayed on home page.

Screenshot:  Attach the screenshot here on where you detect the bug and save it in jpeg format.

Please note that summary should not be more than 10 words and description should not be more than 20 words.


In this way in small companies tester can report the bug to developers. And we always knows that small companies do not report the bug through bug reporting tools but this statement is not true in all small companies because even several small companies report the bug through bug reporting tool.

But those companies or organizations that are not following any tool they should have to report the bug through Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel which I mentioned earlier.


  1. Severity and Priority fields are mandatory both the fields are not mentioned, otherwise everything is fine.

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