Testing Basic Interview Questions : Why Software Testing is Expensive?

Why Software Testing is Expensive?

Software testing plays a major role in software development, but it is expensive too. In short-term we can say that software testing is time consuming but important too.

Software development organization spends between 30-40% of total project/product effort on software testing. Software testing thus often consumes several resources, than any other phase in the software project.

Here are some factors that make software testing so expensive:

1. Software testing is carried out throughout the software development mechanism; naturally its cost is for all duration of the software project till validation tests.  

The idea behind this is that if bugs are detected earlier, it saves lot of trouble later. In this way software testing is exists from the beginning and increases expenses.

2. In case of critical and important software likes flight control, control on nuclear, space satellite control may always involves prototyping. Such testing based on prototyping or simulation is very expensive.

Software testing varies from several organizations to organization. Several factors in these organizations affect testing. 

The several factors are listed below:

1. Communication and relationships of people
2. Testing scope
3. Misunderstanding regarding life cycle of testing
4. When test plans are poorly developed
5. Big testing constraints


At end we conclude that Software testing often consumes more resource, than any other phase of software development. Software Testing is a most important element about the Software Quality Assurance and represents final review, specification, design and coding.

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