Testing Basic Interview Questions : Difference Between Verification And Validation With Example?

Difference Between Verification And Validation With Example?

Verification and Validation example is also given just below to this table. 

1. Verification is a static practice of verifying documents, design, code and program.
1. Validation is a dynamic mechanism of validating and testing the actual product.
2. It does not involve executing the code.
2. It always involves executing the code.
3. It is human based checking of documents and files.
3. It is computer based execution of program.
4. Verification uses methods like inspections, reviews, walkthroughs, and Desk-checking etc.
4. Validation uses methods like black box (functional)  testing, gray box testing, and white box (structural) testing etc.
5. Verification is to check whether the software conforms to specifications.
5. Validation is to check whether software meets the customer expectations and requirements.
6. It can catch errors that validation cannot catch. It is low level exercise.
6. It can catch errors that verification cannot catch. It is High Level Exercise.
7. Target is requirements specification, application and software architecture, high level, complete design, and database design etc.
7. Target is actual product-a unit, a module, a bent of integrated modules, and effective final product.
8. Verification is done by QA team to ensure that the software is as per the specifications in the SRS document.
8. Validation is carried out with the involvement of testing team.
9. It generally comes first-done before validation.
9. It generally follows after verification.

Example of verification and validation are explained below:-

Suppose we have the specifications related to the project than by checking that specifications without executing to see whether the specifications are up to the mark or not is what we have done in verification.

Similarly Validation of the software is done to make sure that the software always meets the requirements of the customer by executing the specifications of the project and product. 

Note that the customer and end users are concerned in validation of the software. 

It is also crucial to differentiate between end users, and customers. Considering example, if you are developing a library monitoring system, the librarian is the client and the person who issue the books, collect fines etc. are comes under the category of the end users.

Techniques or Methods of Verification and Validation

Methods of Verification

1. Walkthrough

2. Inspection
3. Review
Methods of Validation
1. Testing

2. End Users


1) Verification and Validation both are necessary and complementary.
2) Both of them provides its own sets of Error Filters.
3) Each of them has its own way of detect out the errors left in the software.

Lots of people use verification and validation interchangeably but both have different meanings. 

Verification process describes whether the outputs are according to inputs or not, and 

Validation  process describes whether the software is accepted by the user or not.

If you remain have any problem regarding Difference between Verification and Validation than you can definitely discuss with me in comments section below. 


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  4. At what stage of software engineering verification and validation takes place??

    1. Hi Nilkamal,
      I think verification is done at initial stages
      And validation at end of s/w launch to customer
      In b/w finding n fixing bugs it is not termed as validated

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  25. 4.Verification uses methods like inspections, reviews, walkthroughs, and Desk-checking etc.

    4. Validation uses methods like black box (functional) testing, gray box testing, and white box (structural) testing etc.

    Incorrect! Verification uses methods like Test, Analysis, Demonstration & Inspection and uses black box (functional testing), gray and white box testing. "Testing" is synonymous with "Verification". Validation involves running Monte Carlos and statistical analysis to validate that simulation performance with the actual fielded system that the simulation is supposed to represent.

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  28. Verification and Validation both are independent type of testing. Obviously, If we look both of these activities as a whole, we can also call it testing.

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  31. Verification and Validation are the activities performed to improve the quality and reliability of the system and assure the product satisfies the customer needs.
    Verification assures the product of each development phase meets their respective requirements.
    Validation assures the final product meets the client requirements.

    software validation

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