Testing Basic Interview Questions : What Is Smoke Testing with Example?

What Is Smoke Testing with Example?

Smoke testing is the surface level testing to certify that build provided by development to QA is ready to accept for further testing. 

What is Smoke Testing?

Smoke testing is non-extensive software testing, which makes sure that the most crucial functions of a program work, but not bothering with finer details because in smoke testing we only checks the major functionality of the software.

Smoke testing is performed by developers before releasing the build to the testing team and after releasing the build to the testing team it is performed by testers whether to accept the build for further testing or not. 

Smoke Testing Example

For Example in a project there are five modules like login, view user, user detail page, new user creation, and task creation etc. So in this five modules first of all developer perform the smoke testing by executing all the major functionality of modules like user is able to login or not with valid login credentials and after login new user can created or not, and user that is created viewed or not. So this is smoke testing always done by developing team before submitting (releasing) the build to the testing team.

Now once the build is released to the testing team than the testing team has to check whether to accept or reject the build by testing the major functionality of the build. So this is the smoke test done by testers.

Why Smoke Testing is known as Build Acceptance Testing?

Smoke testing is also known by the name BAT (Build Acceptance Test) because it establishes the acceptance criteria for QA to accept and reject a build for further testing. 

So apart from smoke testing it is also very important for software people to know about build. 

What is Build in Software Testing?
A build is called as the version of software, typically one that is still in testing stage.

If the build clears the Smoke test, then it is accepted by QA for further testing, however if the build fails the Smoke testing, then it’s rejected and QA reverts back to previously accepted build.


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