Is Software Tester Should Be From High Qualification Background?

As a tester this question is my personal experience interviewer asked from me that do you feel software tester should be from high qualification background.

And definitely I just little surprised to hear that this pattern of questions can also be asked by interviewer because as a professional means software tester I never heard regarding this form of questions before.

On that time me just smiled and simply say no Sir I do not think software tester should be from high qualification background.

He softly smiled and replied to my answer that why and how you think so and simply say I believe that software tester should be from high qualification background.

Then again he replied this means according to your concern my answer is completely wrong what you say.

And quite politely I replied that sir your opinion is also right too but it may diverge from companies to companies because some companies want well and good educated people and some want well knowledgeable people.

Then quite politely he replied that how means can you prove this justify your answer briefly. Then I replied having the good qualification is good for your job and growth but what about others people who are not educated properly due to many problems like financial problems or some personal problems.

But now he and she want to prove themselves so forget about their past education see their present education means knowledge because it is again the possibility that some people who are not educated properly have more knowledge in their domain field as compare to people who have some good qualifications with them and on domain knowledge they are zero.

So I never thinks that software tester should always be from high qualification background because it’s not matter that software tester should be highly qualified the thing only matters that he and she obviously should have some good knowledge on their domain field.

But this sort of opinion is not true with all of the large companies or top MNC’S, because they not allowed the person in their companies who are less educated.

These companies only allowed those people to do job in their companies or organizations who have some good qualifications and good percentage of marks. But keep thing in your mind that it definitely may be the possibility that a person who is not educated properly but in knowledge he and she is expert than educated one.


I also have a real life example too which I think is most important to discuss it here because it simply clears that having high qualification is not matter at all, the only thing matter is your passion and domain knowledge.

You know very popular name bill gates the chairman of Microsoft was failed in some subjects and his friend was passed in complete subjects so now he is the owner of Microsoft Company and his friend is an engineer at Microsoft.


Shared above mentioned point of bill gates because obviously want to tell my whole friends who are not gaining education properly means who are not educated much but they have the knowledge and passion especially my software tester’s friend that always learn from popular personality bill gates and don’t be upset if you are not more educated properly.

But keep your knowledge far away in your field and prove yourself in the whole universe, that people who are not always educated so much can also become a good and popular software tester and do anything in life.


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  5. chandini june 4,2014 at 1:05 PM

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