Why Software Testing is Expensive?

Software testing plays a major role in software development, but it is expensive too. In short-term we can say that software testing is time consuming but important too.

Software development organization spends between 30-40% of total project/product effort on software testing. Software testing thus often consumes several resources, than any other phase in the software project.

Here are some factors that make software testing so expensive:

1. Software testing is carried out throughout the software development mechanism; naturally its cost is for all duration of the software project till validation tests.  

The idea behind this is that if bugs are detected earlier, it saves lot of trouble later. In this way software testing is exists from the beginning and increases expenses.

What are Different Goals of Software Testing?

Software testing is the mechanism of knowing that what’s the expected result and what the actual result a software project or product has given.

You simply say that software testing is nothing but validation and verification. Main goal of software testing is to ensure that software should always be defect free and easily maintained. 


1. Always Identifying the bugs as early as possible.
2. Preventing the bugs in a project and product.
3. Check whether the customer requirements criterion is met or not.
4. And finally main goal of testing to measure the quality of the product and project.


Explain the Purpose of System Testing?

System testing is used to verify the working of the whole system all together. System testing involves both functional and non functional testing.

The formation about testing an integrated system to check that it meets or follows requirements that are specified is known as system testing.

Basic Purpose of System Testing is to:

1. Ensure that a system or application meets its specification and any non-functional requirements (such as stability and throughput) also meets the requirements with its users.

2. Comprise a different tests series to fully exercise the computer-based system.

3. Confirm an application's or system accuracy and completeness in performing the designed functions.


System testing means testing of the entire software. The main purpose of system testing is to detect whether the software meets its requirements or not.

Explain the Purpose of Testing?

Testing is the most time consuming, but a needful activity of a software project. It is vital to the success of new system.

The main Purpose of testing is to:

1. Measure the quality of the software
2. Find out the faults in the application and software
3. Reduce the number of bugs in the program.
4. Check all the requirements and specifications given by client and customers are met or not.
5. Produce a product which is full of quality oriented.
6. Comfort the need of client and customers.
7. Provide a defect and error free software.
8. Check whether the application is working as per the functional requirement specified or not.
9. Carry the difference between the expected and actual results.

Important purpose of testing is to increase the project and product quality, and definitely to increase the organization quality side by side also.

At end we conclude that during software testing, the test engineer needs to discover as several bugs as possible before reaching those defects to client, which will definitely save lots of time and money.
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