Testing Basic Interview Questions : Explain Importance of Testing In SDLC?

Explain Importance of Testing In SDLC?

Testing is one of the important aspects in SDLC because of the following reasons:

1. Testing in SDLC helps to prove that all the software requirements are always implemented correctly or not.

2. Testing helps in identifying defects and ensuring that testing are addressed before software deployment. If any defect is discover and fixed after deployment, then the correction cost will be much huge than the cost of fixing it at earlier stages of development

3. Testing in SDLC demonstrates that software always appears to be working correspond to specification, and the sociology and performance requirements always appear to have been met.

4. Whenever several systems are developed in different components, different levels of testing help to verify proper integration or interaction of all components to rest of the system.

5. Testing in SDLC means that testing always improves the quality of product and project.


Testing plays an important role in SDLC and apart from that testing also improves the quality of the product and project by discovering bugs early in the software.

And remember testing not only improves the quality of the product, but it also improves the company quality also.


  1. In simple words its a step by step execution of any software( or application) during its development

  2. I totally agree with all the points. Software testing is very important for any software to be successful. There is no point in creating and delivering a product that has lots of bugs and also does not meet the customer requirement.