Testing Basic Interview Questions : What is Spike Testing Explain it with example?

What is Spike Testing Explain it with example?

Spike Testing is a form of testing process in which an application is tested with unusual increment and decrements in the load. The system is unexpectedly loaded and unloaded. It is done to notice how actually the system reacts with unexpected rise and decline of users.

Spike testing example is given below

Considering example when you are always checking the result of your exam on K.U.K site means site is suddenly loaded and unloaded and then the IT squad of K.U.K check how the site reacts with unexpected increase and decrease of users than it is spike testing.

Spike testing is mechanism of testing which means when in a web page frequent number of visitor access the page unexpectedly increases to maximum then obviously performance of the page breaks down. So the mechanism of testing a performance about web page due to unexpected sort of traffic on the page is always called as Spike testing.

Spike testing is usually done by unexpectedly increasing the number of loads generated by users by a very enormous amount and observing the dramatic behavior of the system.

The goal of spike testing is to regulate whether performance will deteriorate, the system will always fail, or it will be able to hold dramatic changes in load.

A spike is a keen rise in the density for a given variable, generally immediately followed by a decrease. This category of transient variation is often notice in the measurement of voltage or you can say current in circuits.


Spike testing is always used in load and performance testing. These tests are commonly based on real universe or projected workloads with focus on huge load/performance conditions.

Spike testing is handling to check whether a system can handle dramatic changes in load. It is accomplish by spiking the no of users of an application and always produces an excellent way of verifying existing limitations in the current operational environment.

In short we can convey that spike testing is a type of performance testing.


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