Testing Basic Interview Questions : What do you mean by soak testing?

What do you mean by soak testing?

Soak testing is different type about performance testing in which tester always test the stability and response time of affecting application by request the designed load for a longer time.

Soak testing is sometimes also called as endurance testing and longevity testing.

Soak Testing is the form of Performance Testing, which incorporate testing a system with expressive load extended over an expressive period of time, to discover how the system and product behaves under repeated use.

Example of soak testing:

Considering example in a banking environment large amount of load is expected at the deadline of every month, means on the time of banking closing days.

So tester always perform the soak testing on banking application to test huge levels of load for prolonged amount of time. So in banking application tester put the grand amount of load for prolonged amount of time like put load for 72hrs to 120 hrs, to check how application behaves during this load period.

Soak testing means running a system at huge levels of load for prolonged amount of time. A soak test would generally execute some times more transactions in an entire (full) day (or night) that intend be expected in a busy day, to distinguish any performance issues that appear after a immense number of transactions have been executed.

A soak test also called an endurance test is generally done to originate whether an application can handle with the continuous expected load. A soak test is also used to audit whether there is any performance degradation afterwards a long period of activity.

This standard of test can identify problems relating to memory allotment, log file handles, and database resource utilization. Typically problems are identified in shorter targeted performance tests. 

So apart from soak testing it is precise crucial for us to know endurance testing.

Endurance Testing: This form of testing checks how durable the system is over an amount (period) of time. It applies a large but general load pattern of transactions to the system/product for a continuous period. Checks are invented during the run to watch if any subtle errors frame up over a period of clock which can disturbs the performance or integrity of the system.


Soak Testing always provides a measure of systems stability over an extended period of time.

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