Monday, September 3, 2012

Explain Smoke Testing Example in Easy and Simple Way?

Smoke Testing Example is always confused with Sanity Testing Example but in reality both the testing examples are different with each other. Here I am writing Smoke Testing Example in such a way that your confusion can definitely be removed by seen the example.
Now before us proceeding towards Smoke Testing Example it is very important for us to first take a warm look at Smoke Testing.

Smoke Testing – Brief Look

Smoke Testing is considered as the surface level testing which is always used to validate that build provided by development to QA team is ready to accept for further testing. In Smoke Testing we test the major point’s means major functionality of the application and it is also known by the name Build Acceptance Testing (BAT).

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Explain Regression Testing Definition, Meaning and Approach?

People are confusing regression testing definition with its meaning and approach although they look like similar but there are few minor changes on regression testing meaning and approaches which are shown below.

Regression Testing Definition with Example

Checking that fixed bug do not affect the other sections of the modules by checking the functionality and other scenarios of testing on different modules and within the similar module in which bug is fixed is known as regression testing.

Note: Do not confuse regression testing with re-testing because in re-testing tester only test whether the fixed bug is getting fixed or not by re-testing it.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Is Software Tester Should Be From High Qualification Background?

As a tester this question is my personal experience interviewer asked from me that do you feel software tester should be from high qualification background.

And definitely I just little surprised to hear that this pattern of questions can also be asked by interviewer because as a professional means software tester I never heard regarding this form of questions before.

On that time me just smiled and simply say no Sir I do not think software tester should be from high qualification background.

He softly smiled and replied to my answer that why and how you think so and simply say I believe that software tester should be from high qualification background.

Then again he replied this means according to your concern my answer is completely wrong what you say.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to report a bug in small companies?

Bug is a mismatch between expected result and actual result. Hope as a tester you know regarding expected result and actual result.

As a tester whether you are working in small companies or in top MNC, when you detect the bug you have to report it.

But the pattern for reporting the bug differs from companies to companies like in top MNC’s tester’s always reporting the bug through bug reporting tools.

So various Open Source bug reporting tool available today but popular one is Bugzilla and Mantis, but Mantis is easier and user friendly than Bugzilla.

As people always knows that there are 1-2 testers in small companies so in these companies testers never report the bug through bug reporting tools. Testers just orally talk it to the development team that in this module we catch the bug so fixed it.

And similar thing happens it to the developers squad when they fixed the bug they just call the tester to his and her seat and said that check whether bug is fixed or not.

But you know this is not the appropriate or right way to communicate because we are working in a professional environment so we have to follow little documentation also.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Explain Business Process Testing?

Business Process Testing is abbreviated as BPT which guides Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to design always QA tests early in the development cycle and in a process which is script-free also.


1. Some Reusable Business Components.

2. Those Business Components who are converted into Business process test.

3. Business components which are reusable units and that always performs a general task in a business process. (For example – Add to Cart).

4. A business process test means it is a scenario comprising about business components (for example - Place an Order).


Business Process Testing means it is based on the creation, implementation, and running about business components in business mechanism tests using the following parts:-

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Explain Bottom-Up Strategy of Integration Testing?

Bottom up strategy just as the name itself clears, is the opposite of powerful top down strategy. This sort of mechanism starts with building and testing the modules first which are obviously comes under the category of low level, than definitely proceeding towards the working its way ups the hierarchy.


The advantages of bottom up integration are like that:

1. There is never urgency or hurry for any kind of program stubs as we always start developing and testing with the definite or absolute modules.

2. Always Starting at the bottom of the hierarchy again means that the critical modules are generally built and tested first and therefore any errors or mistakes in these forms of modules are find out early in the process.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Explain Top-Down Strategy of Integration Testing?

Top down integration is primarily considering as an approach where modules are developed and testing of that modules always starting at the finest level of the programming hierarchy and continuing towards the lower levels.

Top down strategy of integration testing is an incremental approach because we proceed one level at a time. It can be determine either in “depth first search” and in “breadth first search” manner.

So now the question arises what does depth and breadth mean?

Depth means we always proceed from the top level complete the way down to the lowest level. 

Below is given the meaning of breadth.

What is the meaning about breadth?

Breadth on the other hand is different with depth so breadth means that we start at the top of the hierarchy and then steadily go to the next level. We develop and test entire modules at this level before continuing with another level.