Testing Basic Interview Questions : Top 11 Differences between Developer and Tester

Top 11 Differences between Developer and Tester

Developer and Tester relation is like a relation between brother and sister like you know both brother and sister are necessary to a complete family, similarly Developer and Tester are also necessary to a complete successful project.

Here I am showing you the Difference between Developer and Tester in a complete order so that you learn the importance of both these person. I am writing the Differences in the form of table so that all of us can learn it easily and vastly.

Simple and Best Difference between Developer and Tester

          Software Developer
             Software Tester
1. A good developer is one who is technically sound.
1. Tester may or may not be technically sound, because we need both black box and white box testers and in black box testing programming knowledge is not necessarily must.
2. He is one who develops the application according to client or customer requirements.
2. He is one who tests the application by check whether the application is working as per the client and customer requirements or not.
3. He is one who is totally involved in the phases of development and he is also responsible to the development of code, and also writes the code to generate the needs of a particular software or application.
3. He is one who test the application by checking whether the code that is written by development team is appropriate or not, and they also test whether the code fulfills the requirements of that particular application and software or not.
4. Development is not further divided in to any.
4. Testing is further divided in to Verification and Validation Testing.
5. They always focus on how application or software can work.
5. They always focus on where application or software can goes wrong.
6. Good developers always understand the problems as soon as possible.
6. Good testers always report the problems as soon as possible.
7. Good developer is one who always has some knowledge of product internals.
7. Good tester is one who always has some domain knowledge, means they have some product and project knowledge.
8. Good Developers always model system design, means they build the application by keeping client requirements in mind.
8. Good testers always model user behavior, means they test the application or software by keeping end user in mind.
9. He is one who makes the software or application.
9. He is one who only tests the software or application.
10. Perfect developers are one who not only makes the best application, but they also give suggestions for further improving the application also.
10. Perfect testers are one who not only finds out the bugs in the application, but they also find out the root cause of the bug too.
11. His main aim is to make the application bug and error free.
11. His main aim is to find out many bugs as possible in the application, so that application can be fully reliable and quality oriented.

Keep in Mind

Please note that Developer is one who develops the application, and tester is one who tests the application, so they both are necessary for the completion of project and as well as to make the quality oriented and reliable product.

Are you Developer or Tester?

Are you good developer or a good tester, share your real experience in the comments section below so that others can learn from you and feel proud to choose development and testing as a career?