Testing Basic Interview Questions : Software Testing is Difficult and Hard – What You Say

Software Testing is Difficult and Hard – What You Say

Software Testing is essential for the betterment of the application and software. But apart from this many of us do not know that Software Testing is most time consuming and difficult task to perform.

People still believe that Software Testing is an easy task anybody can do it easily but in reality Software Testing is opposite of it because it is not an easy task to perform. Software Testing is as difficult as developing software because now days it requires more human efforts, as everyone wants quality so doing Software Testing are become difficult because it takes lot of time and money.

Software Testing – Hard and Difficult

Performing Software Testing is considered as Difficult as well as hard too because of the following reasons which are shown below.

1. Software Testing is hard and difficult because we need to test the software/application for both valid and invalid inputs and in Software Testing we also check the performance parameters as well as functionality too.

2. Another reason for considering Software Testing hard as well as difficult because during the time of testing we always need to give the inputs in such a way that each and every line of the program/code is tested efficiently.

3. Another reason for being hard and difficult is that tester needs to give inputs randomly and ensure that the software/application never fails.

4. Another reason is that we need to test the software by keeping the user perspective in mind means by keeping in mind how end user is using it and check whether the error messages displayed properly or not.

5. Another main and clear reason is that we need to test the application/software by simulating the actual/real environment. Considering example if a database application has to be accessed by 200 users simultaneously, then it is not enough if you test the software/application for 5 0r 10 users and declare that application/software is working fine by leaving the software without checking all 200 users simultaneously.

6. Software Testing is considered as hard and difficult because in several cases, it is not almost possible to test the software/application in real/actual environment. Considering example how do you test the software that is used in a satellite launch vehicle or a missile? You can do the complete testing only in a simulated environment.

Your opinion

This is all I know about why Software Testing is considered as hard and difficult task to perform and if you know some more reasons than you can discuss with me in comments to help others so that proper guidance will be given to every people those who are in the field of Software Testing.


  1. hi

    i am a bcom grad and wanna do software testing . is it advised that i go along with it .

    i am very keenly interested in software testing

  2. Software testing is always hard and challenging task because every time tester need to find new potential bug or issues not the same one again, so finding new things are always challenging