Endurance Testing with Example, Meaning and Definition

Endurance Testing is a type of Performance Testing which is usually used to determine how much a system can sustain the continuous expected load. During the period of Endurance Testing memory utilization is always monitored to detect any potential leaks.

In short we can say that judging/studying the memory leak of a server under the period of stability is known as Endurance Testing. Due to its judgment and study on memory leak that is the reason why Endurance Testing is also known by the name Soak Testing.

As you know in Endurance Testing memory utilization is monitored so it very important for us to know about memory leak means what it is all about.

When memory allocated to objects are not being freed by the system/application than definitely the memory leak occurs.

Endurance Testing Example – Real Time

Below is given the real time example of Endurance Testing and hope after seen these real time example your knowledge on Endurance Testing should definitely be increased.
For example in the closing days of bank we have continues load on that days so we always test the banking application by keeping in mind the Endurance Testing.
So in Banking Application we always test how much a system/application can sustain the continuous expected load during the closing days of Bank, so it is Endurance Testing Example done on real time Banking Environment.

Endurance Testing Definition

Below is given the definition of Endurance testing which is only a one line definition but clears you a most.
Endurance is an ability to handle continuous load in a difficult/unpleasant situation over some long period of duration/time.

Endurance Testing Meaning

You can estimate what an Endurance Testing is by discovering the meaning of word “Endurance”. Endurance means capacity/fitness so in other words you can say Endurance Testing means Capacity Testing. By Capacity Testing we mean how much a system has its capacity by handling the load for continuous period of time.


Please note that Endurance Testing applies a huge but natural load arrangement of transactions to the system/application for a continuous period of time.


At end we conclude that Endurance Testing is also known as Longevity testing which is used in Load Testing that is the reason why it is considered as the type of Performance Testing. So after seen the post if you have any sort of issues related to the Endurance Testing than, discuss it here in the below comments section.

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