Difference between Use Case and Test Case in Table

                  Use Case
                       Test Case
Use Case is prepared by business analyst.
Test case is prepared by test engineer and in small companies sometimes it is prepared by quality analyst too.
Based on test cases use cases cannot be prepared means it is not derived from test cases.
Based on use cases test cases can be prepared means it is derived from use cases.
Use case describes step by step instructions means how to use functionality.
Test case verifies the functionality means it is as per the instructions mentioned in use case or not.
Use case cannot be executed means it is only designed.
We design the test cases and later execute them.
It is derived from the use case.
It is a pictorial representation of client requirements or you can say customer requirements.
It is not represented diagrammatically it is only documented in excel sheet and in big companies it is also documented in some test case management tools.
It is a document which always describes the flow of events of an application.
It is a document which always contains an action, event and an expected result of particular feature of an application.
Use Cases can be written by BA (business analyst.) on the basis of client requirements or customer requirements.
Test cases are written by test engineer or quality analyst on the basis of use case document.
It always tells us about the story of how people interact with a software system to achieve a goal.
It verifies the goal to see it is as per the instructions of use case or not.


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