Exact Difference between Unit Testing and Integration Testing

                 Unit Testing
                   Integration Testing

It do not occurs after and before of anything.
It occurs after Unit Testing and before System Testing.

It is not abbreviated by any name.
It is abbreviated as “I&T” that is why sometimes also called Integration and Testing.

It is not further divided into any.
It is further divided into Top-down Integration, Bottom-Up Integration and so on.

It may not catch integration errors, or other system-wide issues because unit testing only tests the functionality of the units themselves.
Integration testing uncovers an error that arises when modules are integrated to build the overall system.

The goal of unit testing is to isolate each part of the program and show that the individual parts are correct.
The goal of Integration Testing is to combined modules in the application and tested as a group to see that they are working fine.

It does not follow anything.
It follows unit testing and precedes system testing.

It obviously starts from the module specification.
It obviously starts from the interface specification.

Unit testing always tests the visibility of code in details.
Integration testing always tests the visibility of the integration structure.

It requires complex scaffolding means frame.
It requires some scaffolding means frame.

It definitely pays attention to the behavior of single modules.
It definitely pays attention to the integration among modules.
It is only the kind of White Box Testing.
It is both the kind of Black Box and White Box Testing.

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