Gorilla Testing in Software Testing with Meaning

Gorilla Testing in Software Testing means it is used in Software Testing. Gorilla Testing is always confused with Monkey Testing but in reality it is different from Monkey and Random Testing. Here I am writing the post on Gorilla Testing with example so that your confusion on Gorilla Testing is clear by seen the best example on this testing.

Gorilla Testing is that in which tester and sometimes developer test one particular module heavily, means they test functionality of one particular module heavily.

Gorilla Testing is that which is always used to describe repetitive and boring (frustrating) Manual Testing process which a tester has already done a hundred times before. Due to this repetitive manual testing process Gorilla Testing is also known by the name Frustrating Testing.

Actually Gorilla Testing is used in Software Testing to check functionality of one particular module heavily. As you know Software Testing is a very wide concept so concept of Gorilla Testing is also wide in nature.

Gorilla Testing Meaning

Meaning of Gorilla Testing is very interesting which is given below and hope after seen the meaning you do not have any confusion in your mind regarding Gorilla Testing Meaning.

“Gorilla” means challenger so Gorilla Testing is very challenging testing because when you did the repetitive things mean testing the repetitive things again and again than it is the big challenge for you and sometime you get frustrated too by doing this process again and again.


At end we come in to the conclusion that Gorilla Testing is very challenging task and not every tester can do this challenging task.

Over to You

Now it’s over to you can you take the challenge for doing this frustrating Gorilla Testing Task? Your comments and feedbacks are always welcome, so that we can improve ourselves regarding what is Gorilla Testing in Software Testing?

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