Testing Basic Interview Questions : Difference between Testing and Debugging – Top 9

Difference between Testing and Debugging – Top 9

Difference between Testing and Debugging are very important terms especially for those who are new to Software Testing field.
Exact Distinction between Testing and Debugging

1. Testing always starts with known conditions, uses predefined methods, and has predictable outcomes too.
1. Debugging starts from possibly un-known initial conditions and its end cannot be predicted, apart from statistically.
2. Testing can and should definitely be planned, designed, and scheduled.
2. The procedures for, and period of, debugging cannot be so constrained.
3. It proves a programmers failure.
3. It is the programmer’s vindication.
4. It is a demonstration of error or apparent correctness.
4. It is always treated as a deductive process.
5. Testing as executed should strive to be predictable, dull, constrained, rigid, and inhuman.
5. Debugging demands intuitive leaps, conjectures, experimentation, and some freedom also.
6. Much of the testing can be done without design knowledge.
6. Debugging is impossible without detailed design knowledge.
7. It can often be done by an outsider.
7. It must be done by an insider.
8. Much of test execution and design can be automated.
8. Automated debugging is still a dream for programmers.
9. Testing purpose is to find bug.
9. Debugging purpose is to find cause of bug.


This is all I know about Difference between Testing and Debugging, but the big difference is that debugging is conducted by a programmer and the programmers fix the errors during debugging phase. Testers never fix the errors, but rather fined them and return to programmer.

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  1. Testing - Since we are humans and we are bound to make mistakes, there is a very good chance that the code you have written may not be perfect.
    Debugging - As I already mentioned above, the verification of the code is done at various levels. Most of which are not done by the developer himself.