Testing Basic Interview Questions : What is Testing Why It is Necessary?

What is Testing Why It is Necessary?

Testing is necessary to increase the quality of the project. Testing is most time consuming, but a crucial activity of a software project.

It is vital to the success of new system. For making the project reliable and Error Free, the complete project and product must be tested in a systematic and organized way.


(According To Hetzel)
Testing is the mechanism of establishing sureness that a program or product does what it is supposed to do.”

(According To Glen Meyers)
“Testing is the mechanism of executing a program or product with the intent of finding errors.”


It is remarkably performed for one of the two reasons: -

1. Bug Detection

2. Improvement belonging to quality

Testing is needed not always for improving product and project quality but also for improving company quality. Without testing company can’t grow at the upper level.

Testing is needed for almost all the organization which wants to grown up easily. Testing is needed for properly understand the fault errors in software during its development phases.

Testing is necessary in software development. It always ensures the users satisfaction and reliability of affecting software.

Below given the example which clears why testing is necessary: -

For Example if a company works on some long projects, and delivers those projects to the client without doing the proper testing, and after delivering the projects to client if client found some big bugs on the projects, than at that time it is the ashamed for company.

And obviously that client never comes back for having testing of their projects so it’s harm to company and apart from loss company quality is also decreasing so testing is needed.

Conclusion: -
At last we conclude it’s a fact that, when specific person starts checking commodity which is prepare by some other person, there are definitely 99% chances that checker and observer will discover some problem with the system. So it clears testing is needed.

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