Explain Regression Testing Definition, Meaning and Approach?

People are confusing regression testing definition with its meaning and approach although they look like similar but there are few minor changes on regression testing meaning and approaches which are shown below.

Regression Testing Definition with Example

Checking that fixed bug do not affect the other sections of the modules by checking the functionality and other scenarios of testing on different modules and within the similar module in which bug is fixed is known as regression testing.

Note: Do not confuse regression testing with re-testing because in re-testing tester only test whether the fixed bug is getting fixed or not by re-testing it.

On the other hand in regression testing tester only tests that fixed bug do not affect the other parts of the modules and do not bother and take less stress about whether the bug is fixed or not.

Exact Meaning of Regression Testing

Regression Testing Meaning is given below:

Regression Meaning is relapse or reverting so meaning of regression testing is “relapse testing” means it is done in two situations or you can shortly say in two conditions.

1. First condition is after fixing the bug by checking and ensuring that fixed bug does not affect the other parts and functions of the modules.

2.Second condition deals with change in requirements means when client change the previously done requirements than tester have to test that changing requirements do not affect the other requirements of the application which are done means completed.

Significant Approach of Regression Testing

Regression Testing Approach is given below:

As you know there are two approaches for integration testing like top down integration and bottom up integration similarly we have the two approaches for regression testing.

1. First approach is doing the regression testing when bug is fixed.

2. Second approach is doing regression testing when change in requirements of the client.


  1. can you tell me about softwate development models with advantages and disadvantages?

    1. Sure now a days too busy in family work just give me 1 week till than enjoy testing.

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  2. Thanks for the post on this mostly used topic. In my opinion:

    Regression Testing is the execution of all or a select set of test cases which have passed on the previous build or release of the application under test in order to validate that the original features and functions are still working as they were previously. These tests normally will not have already been executed against the current build or release as normally only the new features and functions are tested prior to regression testing.

    Retesting is the execution of one or a set of test cases which previously failed due to a suspected defect in the software which now is documented as being remedied.

    Source: What is the difference between Regression Testing vs Retest?

  3. hi can you tell me about the black box testing and white box testing with example

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      Sorry for late replying you can check the post on black box and white box testing by clicking on below URL:-


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  4. Can anyone help me to write testcases on weighing machine


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