Explain Top-Down Strategy of Integration Testing?

Top down integration is primarily considering as an approach where modules are developed and testing of that modules always starting at the finest level of the programming hierarchy and continuing towards the lower levels.

Top down strategy of integration testing is an incremental approach because we proceed one level at a time. It can be determine either in “depth first search” and in “breadth first search” manner.

So now the question arises what does depth and breadth mean?

Depth means we always proceed from the top level complete the way down to the lowest level. 

Below is given the meaning of breadth.

What is the meaning about breadth?

Breadth on the other hand is different with depth so breadth means that we start at the top of the hierarchy and then steadily go to the next level. We develop and test entire modules at this level before continuing with another level.


Below given are some major benefits of top-down integration testing:

1. Having the framework, we can test major or supreme functions early in the development process.

2. At the same time, we can also test any interfaces that we have considered and thus obviously identify any errors in that area special or very early.

3. The supreme or major benefit of this practice is that we include a partially working framework to show to the clients and to the top management too.

This of course increases everybody’s confidence in the development squad and also in the model itself.


There are few drawbacks to this procedure as well:

1. Impose stubs does not permit all the essential upward data flow.

2. Not enough data in the stubs to fee back to the calling module so this means the top-level modules cannot be really tested perfectly and every time the stubs are replaced with the real modules, the modules which are calling should be properly re-tested again for integrity.


At end we conclude that this top down integration testing procedure allows us to originate or establish a framework of the system or product.

Now what is your viewpoint regarding top-down strategy of integration testing.

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