What Is Look And Feel Testing?

Look and feel testing is not a usability testing. The testing of the appearance and GUI aspects of an application is referred as look and feel testing.

Example of look and feel testing is given below:-

Taking example: - A website may perfectly well be working in one particular environment but always not be effective in other environment. This variation in environment can broadly be divided in into three categories:

1) Display Settings: - Different websites give different look and feel on different monitor and display settings.

2) Browser Settings: - A browser is software that always grants you to use, browse, or stuff the internet. Not only different browsers affect the appearance (look and feel) of disparate websites, also the different versions of the same browser cause the differences.

Considering example, the DHTML page looks different in version 4 of Netscape as compared to version 6 of the same browser.

3) Operating Systems/Platforms: - Apart from different display settings and use of different browsers, websites also behave differently in different operating systems/platforms.

There are ranges of platforms available in the world, usually categorized in PC, Unix/Linux and Macintosh, which cause the difference in the appearance of websites.

Look and feel testing looks similar to usability testing but on reality it’s not.

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