What Is Component Testing Explain with an Example?

Component testing is that in which we test those test objects which are separately testable as a isolated unit without integrating with other components (e.g. modules, programs, objects, classes, etc.). 

What is Component Testing?

Testing of separate software component is known as component testing.

Component Testing is considered as the Module Testing, because we are testing each module or component differently and effectively. 

Suppose there is only a one project which consists of 10 components and we are testing each component differently and effectively than it is known as component testing.

What is Module Testing

A group of component is known as module testing.

Component testing is fulfilled by programmers on the code written by them and with the support of development environment, such as a unit test structure or debugging tool.

Component Testing Example

For Example there are two web pages. In one of the web pages there are a many certain fields like username, address, mobile no. etc in which data has to be entered.  In the other (second) web page also there are certain fields which carry forward the data from the first page. Testing the functionality of these individual pages is called Component Testing.

After component Testing we always done the Integration Testing. While doing proper black box testing and white box testing by tester first of all Component Testing is done.

Before component Testing Unit Testing is always done by the developers. While doing proper Unit Testing the Developers run each functions and method of the Component effectively.

Component Testing is like "Unit Testing" with the difference that entire Stubs and Simulators are retrieved with the real objects. So here a Unit is a component, and integration of one or various such components is also a Component. 

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  1. What is difference between Unit ,module and component testing ? With Example


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