What is Incremental Testing?

Incremental testing is a way of integration testing in which first you test each module of the software individually then continue testing by adding another module to it then another.

Its proper explanation is "An integration testing strategy in which you test subsystems in isolation, and then continue testing as you integrate more and more subsystems".

Incremental testing is partial testing of a sketchy product. The objective of incremental testing is to provide an earlier feedback to software developers.

Incremental testing: - A discipline approach of testing the interfaces between units tested programs as well as between system components.

Advantage of incremental testing:-

When you observe a trouble, you can discover the defect more fluently because you have a better idea in which subsystem to look.

There are two forms of incremental testing:-

1.Vertical incremental testing.

Under this there are two testing strategies

i) Top-down testing
You start by testing only the user network, with the underlying functionality simulated by stubs, then you work downwards, integrating lower and lower layers.

Begin testing from the top of the module hierarchy and always works down to the bottom using interior stubs to stimulate the lower interfacing modules or program. It tests the program of low level design. If low level design is not ready than it uses a dummy module called stub.

ii) Bottom-up testing
In this you start by testing the very lowest levels of the software using drivers, and then work upwards, as you integrate successive layers.

Begin testing from the bottom of the hierarchy and always works up to the top. It requires the development of driver module which provides the test input call the module or program being testing and display the test output. It tests the program of high level design. If high level design is not ready than it uses a dummy module called driver.

2. Horizontal Incremental Testing

We use stubs in top-down and drivers in bottom-up. If both dummy variables Stub and Driver are presented in the testing process than it is known as Sandwich Incremental Testing.

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